Survival of the Fittest: 2013 University Edition

The time has begun for me to start categorizing the other students in my program to determine what role they will play in my path to news anchordom (it will happen, oh yes, it will happen).

So far I have three categories: Ally (those that will not be my direct competition and may be useful sources of information along the way), Foe ( those who will be, so I have no choice but to convert them to Ally or just destroy them. It’s a mean world out there), and Neutral (probably going to be editors of fishing or Nintendo magazines or something that I don’t care about and will never need).

When categorizing you can’t be too careful: you never know how things could change along the line (that girl could finally grow into her teeth and be a threat).
An example: someone in my class told me that thy work for The Bear (Ally/Foe), but they sell ads for them (Ally. No threat there). Then added that he/she has ‘a lot of famous friends in ‘the industry’ ‘ who can help them out (Foe). Friends like the producer of The Ellen Show (Ally?). When I inquired into how they had made such a friend the response solidified their category:

‘We’re Friends on Twitter’. 

I just created a new category: Joke.

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