No Dogs Allowed

You know that Albertans aren’t heeding Bob Barker’s advice when an AB SPCA press release states that they are over capacity in many of their locations in Edmonton and Calgary.

As a multi-dog owner I know from experience that having pets can sometimes be a frustrating, time-consuming and expensive thing. My two have put an end to many an unsuspecting leather boot, fruity lip gloss, discarded garbage bag and panel of hard-wood flooring. However, they have also provided me a living fluff ball to squeeze when I needed to cry, an overnight cuddle when I was sleeping alone and a well-needed laugh on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. The point: they pay back all of the potential frustrations tenfold.

When you hear (and see) horror stories both in the media and in your own neighbourhood of the mistreatment of pets it makes you (well, me. I can’t speak for everyone) wish that there was a Batman out there for animals. A superhero vigilante who would lay their custom-fitted, knife and bullet resistant leather boot to the keister of those that commit the offence of mistreatment of animals.

When you see the way your pets look at you – all full of love and trust and the malicious plan to somehow yoink that piece of delicious bacon you’re about to consume – it impossible to consider how anyone could ever mistreat them. Leaving them outside 24 hours a day in every season, failing to provide them affection, neglecting to take care of their ailments and, as the SPCA is now experiencing, not follow the oft-repeated advice of the revered man who also uttered the words ‘the price is wrong, bitch’ before TKO’ing Happy Gilmore – having your pets spayed or neutered. Each are examples of the maltreatment of animals that occurs each and every day.

You me know what? You’ve convinced me! I’ll do it! I’ll be the avenger of animals!

Now I just need to come up with a superhero name that isn’t already trademarked (‘Cat Woman’), lame (Lady GoGo-ldfish) or opens me up to ridicule on late-night talk shows (Dog Girl)….

… Can you just imagine the boots?!

Check out the link below for more i formation on the pet overflow and what you can do to help. But leave the boot-layin’ to me.


My little savages Capone (ebony) and Yubbie (ivory). Who could ever hurt these little yellow-vomit-spewin’ bastards?



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